HTML5 and CSS3: A Discussion

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Ted Roche

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CSS: An Introduction - The Outline

Introduction: tell them what you're gonna tell them.

Why bother with CSS?

Layers of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
A side conversation on Rich Internet Applications can break out here. Off-topic for this presentation.

Learn more - where?

You shouldn't memorize any of these things.

The Basics: selectors, rules, cascading

CSS in one page. Consider splitting into three.

Rules and Declarations

All styles, inline, embedded or referenced are sets of rules which contain selectors and declarations.

Style Basics

Inline is the most local and sure to affect element, but the least portable and hardest to maintain. Embedded is still limited to the page it is placed on, or the header template it comes from. A separate referenced stylesheet is the most flexible and easiest to maintain.

'C' is for Cascade

[any material that should appear in print but not on the slide]

The CSS Box Model

HTML is made out of Boxes!

3D Box Model


Image released under a Creative Commons Attribution License by Hicks Design. Thanks~

Positioning: lining it all up

[any material that should appear in print but not on the slide]

How to apply CSS?

This might work well as a demo, too.

Resources: Web pages, books, tools

CSS book cover CSS book cover CSS book cover
CSS:SCfP is from "Friends of Ed" an imprint of Apress. The "two fish" books are from O'Reilly and Associates. Both should be available from fine booksellers everywhere.


Here I tell them what I told them.

Up-and-coming features: HTML 5


Up-and-coming features: CSS 2.1, 3


Thank you!


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About the presenter:

Ted Roche learned to program BASIC on a PDP-4 at the age of 15. He was conferencing and IM'ing on the Dartmouth Time Sharing System in the late 1970s. (IM and chat rooms are old. So's Ted.) He shipped his first commercial app in 1978, which ran on a WANG 2200. His first public domain software was a quad-density Epson printer driver for the Commodore 64 GEOS operating system, hand-coded in 6502 assembler. Amigas were his favorite computers, although PCs are getting better. He ran the electrical plant on a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine until the Russians gave up, and then there wasn't any challenge in it any more. He has coded with "ohs." (requisite obscure Dilbert reference)

Since 1987, Ted has worked fulltime as a software developer. He has worked for state agencies, insurance companies and consulting firms. He established Ted Roche & Associates on July 4, 2001 because he was sick of having idiots for bosses, and thought he was qualified for the job himself. He's right. Ted Roche & Associates, LLC develops Web, client-server and LAN-based applications using Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, Apache, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, and other best-of-breed tools. Based in New Hampshire, his company offers consulting, training and mentoring, on-site and long-distance, as well as software development services. Ted is author of Essential SourceSafe, co-author of the award-winning Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro series, and a contributor to six other FoxPro books and author of numerous magazine articles. He's a popular speaker at conferences worldwide. Ted is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, Microsoft Certified System Engineer, and nine-time winner of the Microsoft Support Most Valuable Professional award. He's earned MySQL certification twice: the Core certification for MySQL 4.x and the Certified Developer certification for 5.x. He was recently recognized by the ACM and inducted as Senior Member.

Ted has worked with Linux since 1999. The Ted Roche & Associates, LLC intranet and extranet run on Apache, TWiki (Perl), PHP, Python, WebMin, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other LAMP applications. Ted's office automation tools include, FireFox, Thunderbird, Camino, SciTE, Subversion, CygWin, PuTTY, WinSCP and OS X Tiger. In 2005 and 2006, he was one of the team teachers for the LAMP certificate at the New Hampshire Technical Institute's Center for Training and Business Development ( along with Bruce Dawson, Bill Sconce and David Berube. He is the former Fearless Leader and chair of the board (2006-9) of the Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group ( and continues to be a LAMP activist with the Central New Hampshire Linux User Group (

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